brandbook #067 For Art and Friends of Art

Notebooks for Art and Friends of Art

culture festival, Singer sewn booklet, image pages, festival attendant, notebooks for events, full-surface blind debossing, eye-catching design, notebook with spine seam

Have you ever met a culture enthusiast that didn’t like books? Exactly! Whether theater, art museum or film, many of our clients come from a creative cultural context and have notebooks produced for visitors, participants or jury members of their events. As, for example, the Festspillene i Bergen, the largest cultural festival of Northern Europe, that combines music, theater, dance, opera and educational art in an exciting program. The special features of this sewn book: full surface blind debossing on the cover and a wonderful visualization of all the represented disciplines on the inner section. Of course, with all that creativity in the air, an appropriate notebook is a must.

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brandbook #067 For Art and Friends of Art