brandbook #130 Notebooks for Guests

Notebooks for Guests: Better than any Hotel Room Folder

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Whether beauty products or shoe polishing kits – hotels try to make their guests’ stay as comfortable as possible and help out with forgotten essentials. The great side-effect is that you can also present your own brand so that it stays anchored with your guests for the long term. It generally applies that not all hotel-branded products are really useful for their guests. In these times of cell phones and Wi-Fi, customized hotel stationery no longer has much practical use. Paper in itself is not a bad idea, one always needs something to take down notes. Why not offer your guests a notebook then? It’s not only a premium gift for guests, it can also do a lot more than just a piece of paper. It is an uncomplicated cordless companion that can accompany you anywhere, where a tablet and the like seem inconvenient. And with a convincing concept and great design, the notebook becomes a special and useful souvenir. Our hotel clients: Cervo Zermatt, the 25hours Hotels, Kempinski, Lanser Hof, Brenners Parkhotel, The Tegernsee, Worldhotels

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brandbook #130 Notebooks for Guests