brandbook #108 Innovative Cover Design

Object Instead of Surface: Innovative Cover Design

Design notebook, clear-cut shapes – clear lines, Write – Wrong, nuuna Master Plan – Plan B, nuuna Topseller, silkscreen print on a white surface, multi-coloured edges, black-and-white-contrasts

For book cover design, the designer often concentrates solely on the front page – a convention that one might want to question: Why not also apply that concept to the back page? A fairly lucrative strategy that doubles the design surface and thereby makes playful and outrageous book ideas possible. And for those who want to go even further: also the book edging, in other words the book block edges can be printed. Things just always have two sides to them – or in the case of the premium notebooks from our own in-house nuuna collection: six.

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brandbook #108 Innovative Cover Design