brandbook #145 Passport Notes

Passport Notes: Quickly Change your Nationality

Always on the move, Passport for an imaginary journey, Travel Journal, Ideabook, original book ideas, individual layouts binded as a book

Even if notebooks function as work devices, they don’t have to be that serious. Whether for light-hearted absurdities or unusual intellectual experiments, these notebooks offer the space for you to express yourself – and not only in regard to their design. With these passport notebooks, it is very easy to play around with your own identity. It doesn’t take long to become the citizen of a totally unknown country or of those countries that have long since vanished from the world atlas. For the perfect deception, you are provided not only with a realistic passport format and but also with the original cover material. In addition, the inner pages are also furnished with the characteristic Guilloche pattern.

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brandbook #145 Passport Notes