brandbook #155 Plans, Notes, Ideas

Plans, Notes, Ideas: Luxurious Notebook for a London Design Agency

Winkreative – strategy, design & editorial, design agency, Tyler Brûlé, London design Leaders, Notebook-Collektion, Trend colours, copper, Metallic debossing, Singer-Stitch-Note

We were pleased to produce exquisite notebooks with jacket covers made of Gmund paper, colored back seams and white silkscreen and copper-colored metallic debossing on the cover for the London design agency, Winkreative. They were created as a notebook series in three colors; pale blue, natural beige and midnight blue. And once again it has been confirmed that in London copper is the color of the year. As a precautionary measure, we have already bunkered copper debossing foils, just in case Tom Dixon will be calling us in the near future.

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brandbook #155 Plans, Notes, Ideas