brandbook #156 Pssssssst!

Pssssssst!: Notebooks as Secret Agents

DIN A4 notebooks, classified documents, government book, book production according to federal regulations, notebook, official notebooks, book binder, under lock and seal

The escapades of the NSA have taught us two things: 1. The World Wide Web is anything but secret. 2. Notebooks are still the best secret agents – and not just for intimate diary entries or strictly secret design ideas, but also for highly official classified information and documents. The use of very secret documents, of which meticulous supervision is carried out, that should protect the interests of the entire Republic of Germany, are not recorded in excel tables, but written down in books. These official government books for absolutely top secret, classified documents are embellished with a dark red bar. The message is not to be mistaken: top secret!

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brandbook #156 Pssssssst!