brandbook #134 Cover Finishing with Silkscreen

Pure color: Cover Finishing with Silkscreen

nuuna by brandbook, limited cover artworks, neon orange is the new black, the end of boring notebooks, made in germany, cool cover materials

colors activate different feelings and associations – and, if chosen well, can be genuinely cheering! In order to produce a true intensive color experience for your notebooks, we recommend the silkscreen technique. No other printing process can reach higher color intensity. In addition, all the special colors and even those with heat-sensitive, structured or glow-in-the-dark effects can be used. For our nuuna series, we work time and again with luminous neon tones. According to color experts, orange is known to be especially “stimulating.” Yes, if it is produced in the right nuance, it can generate real feelings of happiness. Those who are familiar with our nuuna notebooks can only confirm this.

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brandbook #134 Cover Finishing with Silkscreen