brandbook #109 Space for Ideas

Space for Ideas: A Notebook for City Planners and Architects

figure ground, urban planning, Notiebook for Architects, Hardcover, Silk screen, Special colour Pantone, White Lines, Urban Diary, Idea storage, black or white, Hard- or Flexcover, City Notes

Visions need space and orientation at the same time: constriction isn’t conducive to free-thinking. The best place for the flexible development of ideas without a loss of control is: a notebook that we produced for the Frankfurt architectural office, raumwerk. It has a generous amount of space for playing with ideas on the finest Munken paper together with a practical dotted grid for the necessary support. The highlight is the Frankfurt metropolis as a full-surface, all-around figure ground plan on the cover including a location marker of the office – the perfect place for ideas.

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brandbook #109 Space for Ideas