brandbook #081 The U.N. Plaza as a Book

The U.N. Plaza in Size to Scale 1:100: Architectural Model as a Book

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With the right design concept, two passions can be easily combined: for example, a passion for books and architectural classics. These notebooks are bound in accordance to the facade of the New York U.N. Plaza and furthermore it has the same proportions, but on a smaller scale. Making it therefore, a must-have for all architecture fans with a weakness for extraordinary notebooks. That the combination of building structure and book is by no means far-fetched , is proven by the new Paris National Library: the four towers of the building that was built in 1996 according to the conceptual design of the architect, Dominique Perrault, are laid out at a 90 degree angle and symbolize – what else: an open book.

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brandbook #081 The U.N. Plaza as a Book