brandbook #116 Touch Me, Feel me!
brandbook #116 Touch Me, Feel me!

Touch Me, Feel me!Genuine Worry Beads Comfort in the Hand

soft touch cover, haptic, notebooks, favourite notebooks, stitched notepads, Singer Stitch, thread colour at own choice

At times of acute lack of motivation, encouraging proverbs are just not enough. One remedy is to pick up your notebook in spite of writer’s block: Soft touch material – with its extreme matte, velvety surface, feels soft and luscious. The material is especially good for processing notebooks and offers versatile refinement options, whether offset printing, laser engraving, silkscreen printing or debossing. One can’t stroke the cover enough. And with all that tactile pleasure, one or two brilliant ideas might even pop out.

These stitch booklets are part of our brandbook editions and can be branded with your logo in only 8-10 business days