brandbook #137 Travel Notes

Travel Notes: The must-have Notebook for Cosmopolitans

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The first notebook that we produced for our longtime client Monocle doesn’t only shine with its elegant gold edging. The real highlight is hidden way at the back on nostalgic ecru: next to plenty of space for your travel thoughts, this notebook of the London lifestyle magazine offers selected travel tips for the most important business cities on the last pages. The one or other insider tip that even the most field-tested business traveler won’t know about is guaranteed. So how about a quick Paris breakfast at the Rival, 20 Avenue George V, the most beautiful books in Copenhagen’s Arnold Busck Boghandel, 49 Kobmager Gade, or a need-to-impress-client-lunch at Kitcho, 8-17-4 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, in Tokyo ...

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brandbook #137 Travel Notes