brandbook #040 Japanese Aesthetic
brandbook #040 Japanese Aesthetic

Wabi-Sabi Notebooks: Japanese Aesthetic and Writing Culture

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The fine premium material of these beautiful notebooks stands out through its textile, almost cotton-like feel. The fine, lightly flecked paper, Satogami from Takeo in Tokyo is available in a natural, warm color palette and was produced in the traditional Japanese paper mills. Speaking of Japanese aesthetics, these notebooks appear clear and simple, free of extravagance; they are calm, peaceful and harmonious. With all the chaos in the world outside or in your own head, focusing on the essentials is sometimes, simply, exactly the right thing to do.

And what else could define the existence of a notebook but its material? In any case, with a notebook of selected Japanese paper in your pocket, inner peace will certainly be a lot closer. Do you have any questions about high-quality paper or are you looking for a very specific aesthetic? Then, just ask us!