“We love simple”: Notebook with a Pen Cove

Corporate Design, special promotional goods, supporting a campaign, brand positioning, CI styleguide, premium brand tool, customized stationary set, book slipcase, hide away for pens, sketchbook, agendas, year overviews, image pages, illustration and typography

For Blau mobile we produced a notebook attuned to the philosophy of the mobile communication company. Short sentences, bold letters, and easy-to-grasp pictograms on monochrome blue – clear lines, clear formal language. However, like so often when things look simple, there is a sophisticated concept hidden behind. The look seems simplistic, but the image book is everything but unelaborate: debossed and printed book covers, violet accordion pockets with sticker sheet included, image pages are dispersed throughout the book block. Book slipcases with integrated pockets for text markers. Making intricate things look simple is the art of our craft.