brandbook #152 We Love to Entertain You

We Love to Entertain You: The Prosieben Notebook

Project book, Motif printing with softtouch lamination, DIN A4 size, company notebook, emplyee motivation, creativity tool, company identification, riddle-notebook, elastic and penloop

The ideal requirements for elated motivation and brilliant ideas: 1. Free your mind. 2. Identification with your company. 3. Free space for intellectual games. The red-blue notebook that we produced for the Prosieben TV broadcaster employees, offers exactly that – with enough room in a generous A4 format. It also contains riddles from the film and TV-series of the Prosieben station: whether yoga with Yoda, shoe carton/projector handicrafts in Galileo style, guess the organs with Grey’s Anatomy or the ideal Vulkan greeting for Spock fans. It is a book entirely fitting to the station’s motto “We love to entertain you.”

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brandbook #152 We Love to Entertain You