Notebooks as christmas gifts

Individual notebooks for your business partners and employees

Christmas is a wonderful time to show customers and employees just how much you care about them. Gifting a high-quality, branded notebook as a Christmas present is a thoughtful way of showing your genuine appreciation. This is your way of saying thank you for a successful collaboration over the past year and giving your customers and employees the perfect place to store their ideas for the next one.

The pages within are not necessarily reserved for notes alone, but can also be used to showcase your brand or company – be it with illustrations, photography or text. Branded books are an excellent way to show, at the end of the year, just how much you have achieved together, or which projects will be due next year!

Why does an individual notebook make an excellent christmas gift?
  • because it shows the recipient your genuine appreciation
  • as a thank you for the good collaboration with your customers
  • to celebrate the successful year-end closing
  • because it accompanies your customers or business partners from work into the private sphere
  • because it meets the quality requirements of your company
  • because it is made to a high quality and is carefully produced in Germany.

High-quality and sustainable Christmas gifts – made in Germany.

Our offer this Christmas

The brandbook Christmas Premium Package

A thoughtful gift is always personal and lovingly designed.  A eye for detail is important here - and the right packaging too, of course. 
Don't let that worry you though, we have the all-rounder of packages among our Christmas gift selection: The premium Christmas box contains a high-quality flexcover notebook made of soft, recycled leather with special cover artwork in silver, which you can use to print your logo. Also included: an intelligent band with pen and smartphone holder, and a Prodir biro pen.  And especially important: a personal greeting card, which we are happy to customise to suit the recipient. The whole look is perfectly rounded off with a sparkling Christmas design on the packaging. The message: Everything has been thought of here! 

The brandbook Basic Christmas Package

Simple, classic, good. Our Basic Christmas Package features an elegant black notebook from the brandbook editions range, with matching elastic band and bookmark, as well as dotted premium paper, and plenty of space for your individual branding. And to ensure the book is also carefully wrapped: high-quality packaging in a beautiful Christmas design. The classic choice among notebook gifts.


Individual notebooks show your appreciation for customers and employees

Personalised gifts for customer loyalty

Your logo perfectly implemented through embossing, printing & finishing

With our various embossing and finishing options, we find the right solution for every logo. There is a wide range of ways to present your logo on your customer gift that is both high quality and equally appealing: from classic blind embossing, to colourful screen printing, to a high-quality metallic effect. We can show you the whole spectrum of the print finishing options for your promotional items.

A unique product for every single presentee

The best way to be addressed is directly. There are various ways to make your customers feel particularly valued. For example, mentioning them by name. Be it on an individually designed book sleeve or in a foreword on the insert. Another good place for personalisation is along the book edge, which can be printed with individual names - creating a unique product that your customer can identify with 100%.

The right timing

When Christmas draws closer ...
  • 100% individually-designed notebooks – orders possible until mid-November.

    With a delivery time of 4 weeks, you can individually design your entire notebook project. This option offers you time up until mid-November to fine-tune your concept in detail, from selecting your materials to the finishing touches. The minimum order quantity here is 100 copies.
  • brandbook editions – orders possible until 6th December

    The brandbook editions range is just right for short-term branding. From a minimum quantity of just 25 copies, you can provide a finished book featuring your logo. Simply choose from our available editions range and finalise your finishing touches by 6th December.
  • nuuna notebooks – orders possible until 21st December

    Now it’s time to hurry up – our nuuna collection is just right for those last minute orders before Christmas. Just a few days before your deadline you can make a decision that will allow you to hold your own nuuna notebook in your hands, on time.

nuuna Graphic L

24,27 Euro

nuuna Not White L Light

31,10 Euro

nuuna Shiny Starlet S

14,52 Euro