Notebooks as employee gifts

Corporate notebooks for your employees

What is a company without its employees? It’s time to show our appreciation! Paying regular attention to employees is important for motivation and feeling valued at work. Any old disposable product, loveless download link or half-hearted pat on the back does not quite offer the reassurance they seek. How about a company notebook produced in high-quality as an employee gift instead? Whether it is for a new employee or the return of a colleague after a long break, the kick-off of an important project, an anniversary, a successful end of year, or as a Christmas present.

Branded notebooks are ideal for celebrating joint achievements, strengthening the sense of unity, and communicating the values and philosophy of the company. A company notebook is also a wonderful way to convey useful tips and tricks for getting established. That way, the notebook becomes more valuable with every thought, every note and becomes a personal companion in everyday working life.

Why is an individual notebook an excellent employee gift?
  • because it shows the recipient genuine appreciation
  • because it accompanies your employees from the workplace into the private sphere
  • because it can be matched 100% to the vision of your company
  • because it gives expression to the identity of your company
  • because it reflects the quality standards of your company
  • because it provides motivation for your employees
  • because it is made to a high quality and is carefully produced in Germany

A valued employee gift – made in Germany

What could be more suitable for storytelling than a book? Corporate notebooks offer that extra space to tell your story. Present the company's main ideas on individually branded pages, articulate what moves and motivates you, explain how it all began and how it should continue, introduce your team and your premises, give practical information or provide a report on special projects and successes. And all this in a visually perfect way that matches your corporate identity. If you want to give your employees an understanding of the company's DNA, choose a notebook with a branded section.

What content is suitable for the branded section of an employee notebook?
  • Tips & tricks for everyday work

    Every company has its own quirks and peculiarities - so it's good to have a few small tips to avoid putting your foot in it and to make your everyday work easier.
  • Contacts, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers

    Especially in the beginning, it is often best to simply pick up the phone and ask questions rather than spend too long pondering the answer alone. It's good to know who can be reached and how.
  • Individual company calendar for events, meetings, and trade fairs

    So you don't miss any of the events at which you absolutely need to make a good impression.
  • Company history and company development

    Why not tell us how the company came about, what the founding idea behind it was and how it has evolved to this day?
  • Holiday regulations, dress code, site plan, restaurants

    How many holidays do I have? Can I wear trainers in the office? And where can I get the best cappuccino?  Let’s ensure the most important things in everyday working life are clarified.

The perfect occasion to give an individual notebook to employees

Why you should give your employees a high-quality notebook as a gift? Appreciation is the key word here! There are many occasions for providing a notebook as an employee gift. Here is a small selection:

Create a corporate notebook as a gift for your employees ...
  • as they begin their new role
  • for the kick-off of a new project
  • for the opening of a new branch, or a new company location
  • at the time of a company merger
  • to celebrate an agency or company anniversary together
  • as a thoughtful Christmas present
  • to the successful end of year closing
  • to present your brand-new corporate design
  • as a thank-you for collaborative work

The employee notebook as a welcome gift

The perfect starter kit for the new job: notebooks and branded books make wonderful welcome gifts for newcomers, or employees returning after a long break, or for those who arrive at their desk after moving to the new company building. A notebook with a branded section made for an employee as a corporate gift is a sign of great appreciation and makes their start in the company that much easier. In addition, the company also benefits if every employee is taught the core values right from the start. In this spirit, an employee notebook that is adapted to your corporate identity increases feelings of belonging and identification with the company - and it’s great motivation!


Notebooks are the perfect creative tools for your employees

The employee notebook as a creative tool and provider of inspiration

Sometimes the working day is grey, your head is empty, and the longed-for inspiration feels so far away. So, it is nice when at least your notebook positively surprises you. Playfully designed branded pages with illustrations, motivating writing or little gimmicks provide a somewhat different company overview and convey the values and identity of the company in a creative way.

Furthermore, notebooks can stimulate the creativity of their users and give the whole work process a boost. Writing by hand has a positive effect on the thought process anyway, as, it anchors things in your mind more effectively than simply typing into the computer. The right branded pages can also act as a boost to motivation and productivity.
The employee notebook as brand ambassador

Also key to ensuring that the notebook meets with the DNA of your company is your logo. With our various embossing and finishing options, there are many options for perfectly placing your logo: from classic blind embossing and colourful screen printing to a high-quality metallic effect. So, your individual notebook is not only a store for a host of ideas for your employees, but also a high-quality brand ambassador. The ideal tool to best represent your company, especially at events and external meetings.