Personal Consulting Service

Team brandbook

brandbook doesn’t have hotlines, no “… then please press 1”. Each client has their personal contact person – from the first idea to the complete personalised notebook.

Producing books is our passion – it connects us with each other and makes us a good functioning team. Challenge us with your ideas and concepts: the wilder, the more exciting. And if we are at our wit’s end with our book printing ideas, you can be assured that we will continue searching until we have found the right solution. If one of us isn’t available at the office in Frankfurt for the moment, then it is because we’re visiting a trade fair to find new materials or new print-, finishing-, or binding methods to constantly extend our product portfolio.
Our advisory team consists of colleagues of all subject areas and all directions: graphic designers, book binders, printing engineers, book scientists and art historians. We are all united by our love for the book as an object.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in order to provide advice personally – via phone, email or video-call.

We manufacture books. We support your design. We make it happen.

Marit Erb

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 245

Sabrina Rink

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 270

Desiree Linke

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 130

Anja Müller

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 230

Barbara Jensen

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 170

Johanna Haas

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 260

Remo Weiss

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 240

Saphia Pineri

Consulting & Production (FR)
+33 (0) 1 70 81 57 18
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 120

Silvia Stehle

Consulting & Production
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 300

Dirk Mahlke

Consulting & Production
Sales Management
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 100

Britta Siegmund

Graphic Design
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 280

Susanne Kemmer

Prepress & Graphic Design
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 210

Rezwana Farooque

Prepress & Graphic Design
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 135

Sabine Kochendörfer

Managing Director
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 250

Team nuuna

With our label nuuna we market notebooks and stationary products, which we design and produce ourselves – of course they’re made in Germany. nuuna notebooks are marketed internationally through different distributers and are available in concept stores, museum- and design shops. The nuuna team is the key contact for all professional buyers and all kinds of collaborations.


Angela Merle

Sales International
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 150

Volker Jopp

Sales Germany
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 185

Markus Schwahn

Sales & Logistics
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 190

Julie Cordier

Art Direction
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 160

Anna Morgenroth

Marketing & PR
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 180

Sabine Kochendörfer

Managing Director
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 250

Sabine Kochendörfer

Managing Director
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 250

No one produces notebooks with such outstanding materials as our longterm stationery partner from Frankfurt.

Monocle Magazin, London

Visiting the Showroom

brandbook Showroom Frankfurt am Main

If you want to get an overview on the wide range of different papers, cover materials, print processing, types of binding and accessories, you can now get comprehensive information in our showroom in Frankfurt. 

Test the surface-feel of Japanese design papers or learn about the printability of different recycling papers. Discover innovative materials and the whole range of processing and printing methods, from silk-screen printing, offset printing, digital printing to letterpress. There will certainly be one or two new ideas for your own personalised notebook production. Since we research permanently to trace the latest trends, materials and techniques, you will always find something new at our showroom. 

Office & Showroom
Gutzkowstraße 25
60594 Frankfurt am Main

The world is a better place with books and people who like books.

nuuna Store Frankfurt am Main

nuuna notebooks are also available in selected museum shops, premium department stores, well curated concept stores, book shops and fashion stores around the world.​

Kadewe Berlin – Colette Paris – Selfridges London – Mas Antwerpen – Eye Amsterdam – Normann Copenhagen – Nk Stockholm – Norli Oslo – La Rinascente Milan – El Corte Inglés Madrid – Fnac Lisbon – Mak Vienna – Globus Zurich – Beymen Istanbul – De Lai Pin Beijing – Mark’s Tokyo – Red Dot Design Museum Singapore – Gallery One Dubai – Nina Panama – Story New York – One 2 One Studio Toronto – …

Please find a list of international retailers on

Our nuuna flagship store is located in Brueckenstrasse 66, Frankfurt am Main, Germany – right next to the brandbook office. Shop hours are Thursdays to Saturdays, 11 – 19 o’clock, as well as on request.

Sample Service

Yearly, a few hundred sample packages leave our office in Frankfurt. Because books, cover materials and paper have to be experienced in a haptic way.

According to your ideas and customised to your request, we compile an individual selection of cover materials, books and processing examples. If you wish, these samples already exactly match your company colours.

A parcel with samples – just in time for your business meeting​

If you don’t have clear ideas yet, tell us a little bit about your project. We will put together a package that will surely inspire you. And of course it will arrive just on time for your client presentation or team meeting. 

Seeking to fascinate your clients, you need to provide them with extraordinary ideas.

Marcus Berthold

Material Research

Scouting new trends of book design and production is a challenge, which we face daily and which makes us happy. 

Our task is to make the perfect notebook or image book for your company, to research the most appropriate material for it and to give you a recommendation. To choose the most suitable cover material for your individual paper journal production, you either need to check our database of materials, or select one in the book configurator, or speak to one of the brandbook consultants. We’re happy to help. 

After thousands of book productions, we still feel enthusiastic when hot-off-the-press copies come in from production on a daily basis. Then the bookbinding gets stroked, debossings are held against the light, then the pages are turned and bent. Hands stretch the elastic strips to their limits, eyes disappear behind linen testers to check the printing results. Noses sense this wonderful scent mixture of paper, print colour and adhesive, and fingers test the soft haptic of the paper.

We may not know and can’t do everything yet, but we certainly know about one thing very well: books.

Layout & Visualisations


brandbook service not only includes a calculation of your individual book production at lightning speed, but also drafting a visualisation or layout.

This facilitates the coordination process and assures you that the book will look just the way you imagined it. Before we start the production of your individual notebook, you’ll receive a visualisation and a dimensioning of your book for verification and approval, so nothing will go wrong. This is featured in brandbook’s free services.


  • logo positioning / exact dimensioning of cover debossings
  • visualisation for verification and approval before placing the order
  • individual PDF presentation of your book project

Layout & Calendar Typesetting

Beyond that, we’re happy to support you in creating layouts for your book project. On demand, we will provide drafts for different cover designs according to your ideas, or we will design individual image pages which can be integrated into your paper journal.
  • layout and preparation of print data for your cover design
  • layout and preparation of print data for the endleaves
  • layout and preparation of print data for individual image pages
  • layout and preparation of print data for notebook grids including your logo
Do you want to integrate an annual, monthly or weekly calendar into your layout? Yet, common standard calendars are incompatible with your corporate design? Then we can offer you a calendar which can be customised according to your corporate identity in terms of typography and choice of colour. So you can save yourself or your agency expensive typesetting work. 
Calendar Typesetting
  • layout for individual calendars with one year overview
  • layout for individual calendars with monthly, weekly, or daily organisation
  • layout for info pages with country-specific public and school holidays
  • layout for info pages with international time zones
  • layout for info pages with trade show dates or events

brandbook – not another online printshop

Design & Calendar Templates

Design Templates are helpful for you and enable a simple production of the printing data. Matching your individual request, we compile the necessary InDesign template and dimensions and support you with all the relevant information about the production of printing data.

For all your questions about printing data, final artwork, positioning of the logo or PDF X4 export, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. At brandbook, qualified graphic designers and media designers to clarify and resolve any problems, so that you can look forward to quickly receiving your book. 

Design Templates
  • InDesign template for printed cover
  • InDesign template for cover and debossing
  • InDesign template for front and back endleaves
  • InDesign template for image pages
  • InDesign template for memo pattern
Calendar Templates
  • InDesign template for year calendar
  • InDesign template for monthly calendar
  • InDesign template for weekly calendar
  • InDesign template for daily calendar

There are a thousand possibilities to finish a book, find your own!

Enterprise Services

Comprehensive Services for Companies

Your own Stationery Collection on the Market​

We all have our favourite brands, brands that we trust, brands that represent certain values or lifestyles. We have gotten used to the fact that these brands distribute articles that they don’t produce themselves, yet still have to meet the quality requirements and values of the brands. As a manufacturer of stationery products, we offer companies a comprehensive service for the development of their own notebook, calendar and stationery collection. We offer support for the concept, material and selection of accessories, we produce dummies and take over the complete production all the way to packaging. All the products will be produced by us in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, you profit from our experience in the stationery product trade.
Among our references are newspaper and magazine publishers, museums, diverse luxury brands, stationery manufacturers and fashion and design businesses. Current on-going stationery productions: Monocle, Swatch, MoMa.


So many books ♥︎ so little time

Stationery and Book Production
for Top Quality Department and Stationery Stores

Private Label is the English term for the well-known German word for trademarks – specifically produced products for retailers that are labelled with their own brand names. Trademarks are on the rise internationally. No wonder, after all the retail trade is close to the customer and can react directly to the demands of the market. As a premium private-label producer for stationery products, we support retailers with the development and production of their own collection: from the sampling of cover materials and papers, to format and design suggestions, all the way to production – always 100% made in Germany.

Merchandising for Museums
Notebooks in Museum Shops  

For us, merchandising for museums means connecting emotions, experiences and memories with individualised stationery products. The MoMA museum in New York was the first to market their own products, mostly with motifs relating to the collection, in order to subsidise the museum’s activities with the revenue. We consider ourselves as partners for the development, production and even the marketing of your own stationery collection. 

Previous projects: MoMA SF, Fondation Beyerle, VanGogh Museum Edition, MAK Frankfurt am Main ‟Stefan Sagmeister – The Happy Show”

Open for Cooperations 
Business Collaborations​

We are always happy to collaborate with other companies to develop something new or to use each other’s synergy.

Here are several current collaborations: nuuna × Nike, nuuna × Page, nuuna × Sony, nuuna × Deutsche Post, brandbook × Montana, brandbook × prodir, brandbook × ADC Art Directors Club, nuuna x notabag